The DemoScene (Pt.2)

27 05 2008

The reason I wrote about the Demoscene is because it’s an amazing concept when applied in video games.

In fact, it was a gaming article that introduced me to the Demoscene. I don’t have it on my PC right now, but I believe it was a Gamespot article about the upcoming Will Wright’s game “Spore”. Will Wright (the designer of the holy grail game: “The Sims”) pointed out how modern games are becoming more and more sophisticated in terms of animation and textures. He said that future games would require an army of animators to make the game as real as possible.

So, the point is, why use pre-generated animations if we can animate objects on the go?! Meaning that we could generate animations as needed in the game. The generation algorithm would be based on constant rules defined by the programming team.

That animation method will be used in his upcoming game “Spore”, where you’ll be able to create your own custom species, and the game will automatically generate the animations required to move your creatures around, make it dance, fight, etc… The creature generator would define the static points on the creature’s body, and the body structure (arms, legs) and the game would do the rest. The creature’s animations will be generated according to the laws of physics. So, the creature would actually move realistically, because his motion is built on real-world physics.

The great achievement here is that the user has the freedom to create whatever he/she wants, and the game would generate the animations required for that creatures behavior. So, the user is no longer bound by the game’s own pre-generated content! And game developers no longer require massive animation teams.

Wrapping it all up:

Realtime content generation = less animators = more programmers = more creative and expandable games = happy gamers all around the world.

And, for those of you who believe this is mere junk, take a look at “.Kkrieger” (developed in 2004) by “The Produkkt”, a 3D FPS in 96 KB! with all the fluffy 3D effects of a full-blown x GB game!

Check their website to download it and see for yourself:

Also, don’t forget to check the Spore official website:

It’s a new world out there. Imagine using that technology along with ray-tracing rendering technique!

WoW! I’m speechless!!!




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