31 08 2008


I’m sitting right now, wanting to write something to let it out. Longing to find the right words that would make me feel good again…

I feel like I was hit with a brick on the head. Dogville is one of those movies that reminded me of who I truly am, of how life is like, and how the whole human kind is like..

I’m startled right now, so I just can’t say anything of value about this movie, I just can’t.. You just have to watch it by yourself. I barely survived the length of this movie, or should I say, this wake-up call.. Not because the movie is a failure, but because the movie is a strikingly wonderful success..

Dogville is a torture, and yet it is the cure. Dogville is the cinematic art of being a human.

Dogville lives inside each and every single human being, it’s not a work of fiction, it only shows the truth. The whole naked selfish truth.

Anyway, I prefer not to speak about it any more than I already have. Suffice it to say that this film has undoubtedly been the greatest cinematic experience that I have ever had in my life so far!

Strongly recommended to everyone who appreciates a valuable cinematic experience, that offers a naked peek at the very core of human values, and the human’s -somewhat- disgusting way of life.




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