Defragmentation Made Easy

15 09 2008

For those of you who skip the HDD defragmentation process because it takes ages (especially with bigger HDDs). And that situation only got worse in Windows Vista’s defragmentation tool. I looked up a solution, and fortunately found a new piece of software that works to make your life easier and defragmentation faster. And best of all, it’s FREE.

The new software is called AusLogics Disk Defrag. Official web page:

I tried it on my PC, and the results are amazing. It gets the job done in just about 4-5 minutes on a fragmented 30 GB partition. Which is WAAAAAY faster than Vista’s bundled tool.

I don’t know what’s the exact secret behind the speed increase. I know it doesn’t defrag free space (with the current version), but that’s the only difference I found between this program and Vista’s.

I trusted it because it’s rated 5 stars on, 2Cows, and MajorGeeks. It also has its own video review on Cnet, and it’s currently in the top 10 downloaded utilities from And it’s a new application, and fully compatible with Vista.

Unlike many others, I believe defragmentation is useful, and COULD speed things up for you. Even if you don’t notice any performance difference, defragmentation prolongs your HDDs lifecycle, and helps prevent sudden HDD failures. So, spare a few minutes every week or two and help out those poor HDDs.




2 responses

24 09 2008
Kelvin Nikkel


I have been using a different FREE utility for over 2 years with fantastic results. It defrags all my drives (including partitions and portable hard drives that are connected to the computer) all in one run! It is called JKDefrag and can be found at

Highly recommended and did I mention it too is FREE??? lol

Kelvin has over 20 years of experience working with computers. From data entry to programming and computer optimization techniques. Kelvin runs a blog on how YOU can optimize your computer for speed and security at with information that you can use today.

25 11 2008

Thank you for the tip. I will certainly give it a try.

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