“The Bucket List”, Majestic!

28 10 2008

It’s always hard to write about good movies, because I always fear that anything I say would pollute them, or maybe, distort their beautiful image.

Anyway, there’s actually lots of things to say about this movie, mostly in a positive way. Let’s just cut to the chase and describe it as one of the really meaningful creations in the world of cinema. Even though the movie isn’t perfect on the cinematic side of things, but the story and the acting are just gorgeous! The dialogue is a work of art. There are some mishaps here and there that, sometimes, would detract from the immersion, but as soon as you hear a few more lines, you’d surely forget all about them.

So, for a great story, and great performances by the amazing Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, this movie puts the J in majestic, in every sense possible. ‘nough said, now go out there and give it a try…




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