In The Rain

4 04 2009

A grim face, in a room with dimmed lights.
The smooth, calming tunes of Jan Garbarek in the background.
Complete silence from the open balcony doors.
A gentle, cool breeze slips through the room. I relaxed a bit, giving my body a chance to cool down and settle for a bit…
And just as I thought I’m about to cry my pains away, all of a sudden, that familiar splinter sound, and that familiar smell.
It started to rain! A wonderful Spring shower, so full of passion, of peace, and of redemption.

As the rain washed the streets down below, I got rid of that dark cloud surrounding my thoughts, my mind was clear again.
What more could I ask of those rain drops? They didn’t wash my problems away, but were they really supposed to do that? Are they even responsible for that? I don’t know.
I never asked anyone to care for me. Sometimes, maybe I ask them not to.I can’t bury my problems in someone else’s mind.
So what more could I ask of you? Why am I always bored of being alone when all I wish for, is just another moment of solitude?

On a thought of a better tomorrow, of a day when everything will be straight again, when I finally find that imaginary moment of inner peace. On a thought of despair, and hope, all in one, I put an end to yet another useless, empty day of this blacked out chapter of my wonderful journey that I call… Life.




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