An Update, Of Sorts!

30 08 2009

I have uploaded a new Facebook album called “Syrian Sights and Landscapes”. It’s a selection of some pictures taken in various locations around Syria. These pictures represent the “brighter” side of my photography essays.

I’ve spent some great times discovering the country, and exploring new sites and locations. I was literally blown away with the beauty of nature, and the richness of Syrian lands.

I was using a Sony DSC-P32, far from professional, but still it took a lot of great pictures. And all the pictures given there were edited using Google Picasa‘s “I’m feeling lucky” all-in-one photo treatment which is great for lazy people like me, and provides astonishing results.

A taste of the album:

A view from the road to "Slenfeh".

A view from the road to “Slenfeh”.




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