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Welcome to the official GFX Solitaire web page.

A screenshot of GFX Solitaire

GFX Solitaire Screenshot

GFX Solitaire is a full working clone of the widely known Solitaire Klondike game. It was developed using Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio platform, which sits on top of Visual Studio to provide a foundation for programming 2D/3D games for Windows PCs and the XBOX 360.

The code is 100% home-made. Which means I haven’t used any libraries and/or code snippets. Nor did I ask anyone else for any help with this program. My goal was to develop my very own game for the first time on my own. Credits go to Riemer’s XNA Tutorial for providing an excellent tutorial on XNA basics.

Also, this game will be the first in a series of card games, which will have an AI to spice things up, e.g. Hearts, Spades, and maybe the famous Trix…

PLEASE NOTE: GFX Solitaire is a freeware. You are free to share it with others as long as you don’t make a profit out of it AND as long as you don’t tamper with any of its contents.


– The game is controlled using the mouse:

– Drag to move the cards around.

– Left click on the card deck to draw a new card.

– Right click on the card deck to undo a draw operation.

– Right click on any card to send it home if possible.

– Press F5 to start a new game.

System Requirements:

– Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7.

– Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or higher (Not required for Windows XP SP2 or higher).

Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable 3.1 (7.3 Mb)

Latest version: 0.5
Get it from CNET!

Download Mirror1 (2.7 Mb) (via

Download Mirror2 (via

Software Informer Virus Free award


Page last updated: 25/10/2010

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