Welcome to GFX Studios Lab page. Here, you’ll find an array of different experimental programs made by me for testing and learning purposes.

Feel free to browse and download them. And please don’t hesitate to provide feedback. I’m also ready to provide code snippets and coding help upon request.


1 – Bejeweled Clone

A screenshot of Jewels, the Bejeweled clone.

Jewels Screenshot

This game was made using Delphi 7, in March/2008. It’s basically a clone of the infamous Bejeweled game, with Jewels replaced by symbols from the font “Webdings”! It’s a proof of concept, and it works great on most systems (tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7) with no additional components.

The game concept is easy: just drag the symbols using the mouse to make lines of 3 or more jewels. Watch out for the timer, if your time runs out the game is over. If you beat the timer you’ll advance to a new level and the timer will get faster. When you can’t find any more moves the game is over. Press “Reset” to start a new game.

Download it now (288 KB, .exe file, no installation required)  (mirror)

2 – Mastermind Clone

A screenshot of GFX Mastermind game.

GFX Mastermind Screenshot

This game was made in C# using MS Visual Studio 2005, in 2008. It was a training program in C# to try and create objects in real-time and print them on the screen as a bitmap. This game is a lot of fun, and could be really difficult at times. It’s a classic puzzle game relying purely on brain power and concentration.

To play the game just choose a difficulty, and start writing your guess, and hit the “Evaluate” button to get your results. The game ends when you’ve used all your guessing chances, or when you guessed the right number. The timer is there to see how fast you went to help you compete with your friends.

The game requires MS .NET Framework 2.0 to run properly (already included in Windows XP SP2 or higher).

Download it now (8 KB, .exe file, no installation required)  (mirror)


1 – Kinnectica MP3 Player

A screenshot of Kinnectica 2 MP3 Player

Kinnectica 2 MP3 Player Screenshot

This program was made in Delphi 7 in 2006. As a proof of concept of a fully featured product.

Kinnectica 2 is a very simple and compact media player; it is compatible with MP3 & WAV files. The player has a small main window, showing only the basic functions of a media player, and a digital LCD-looking display to show the current track title, current position, and other information.

The product’s features include:

  • A small player that fits anywhere on your screen.
  • Play control features: Play/Pause, Next, Previous, Fast Forward, and Fast Rewind.
  • Plays MP3 & WAV files.
  • Playlist dependent system, allowing the user to customize the files’ play order.
  • Playlist supports Drag & Drop of music files right from any file explorer window.
  • Also supports opening music files directly from windows explorer.
  • Playlist randomize & repeat features.
  • Fully customizable UI (User Interface) with 6 included skins, and the ability to change the display and button colors.

Download it from (2.61 MB, setup package, uninstaller and user manual included)

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