Saving PC Gaming

19 05 2008

I don’t agree that PC gaming needs to be saved. But however, several organizations are trying to “save” it from the unknown threat. The latest effort is an AMD logo program to identify that a certain PC is capable of “decent” gaming performance in major titles.

It’s actually ridiculous to try and think that way. Simply because the PC hardware market is a an everyday changing market. Current top of the line PCs will be mainstreams in a year or two. And so is the case with PC games.

So, an AMD Game! certified PC today will certainly be outdated next year, and will surely be incapable of running next year’s games..

Anyway, Mark Hachman of ExtremeTech has a very interesting idea on how to solve this. And I like it very much. You can find the original article here: Another Sorry Effort to Save PC Gaming?