Chaos In Motion

19 03 2009

Nothing new to write actually. Maybe because I ran out of important stuff to say. Life is currently put on hold for me. I can’t even remember the last time I actually did something useful for myself. Everything is just standing still.

Going to college became nothing more than physically being there and sitting with 60 other students listening to so-called Doctors babble about useless nonsense, as if they were advertising a stack of hay in 90 minutes. Imagine the pain of enduring 4 or 5 ads in a single day!

I remember a time when I used to be enthusiastic about my college material, doing some online research, and trying to discover more about the things they taught us. I’m not interested about doing that anymore. I’ve lost any appetite I had for my education. I went numb.

No, it’s not just me, it’s not an illusion. There are hundreds of students who feel the same way. I gotta say, the educational system here is a TOTAL FAILURE! It’s designed in such a repelling way, that makes even the most enthusiastic student get a depression in less than 2 years! What a waste of time, money, and talent that is.

I’m disappointed, I had hoped for much more when I finished high school. I fought so hard to try, and play the game by the rules. I fought to get noticed, I begged for attention, and dealt with the agony of being neglected by my teachers. Together, with my friends, we tried to make a change, to be heard. Nothing was there, but brick and stone.

So, if it’s a game, and I’m forced to play, I’ll play. But you can’t force me to stay silent about it. Once again, The educational system is failing. There are still some green leaves on the tree, but that doesn’t mean it’s not dying. To those responsible for us, college students, know that you’re making a big mistake allowing this situation to continue. Students are not being educated, they’re being fed with incoherent data destined to go down the drain in a matter of months. It’s a monstrous waste of resources, and a terrible crime to those trying to do some good for their country. Science was never meant to be such a pain. Please do something about it, and give us our dreams back.

How Low Can You Go?!

20 04 2008

Syrian Higher Education is breaking the “lowness” barrier each day. A college professor is asking students to re-write her lectures on MS Word as a semester project for her course “Advanced Mathematics”!!! She’s asking the students to use a specific font type and size or she’d reject the whole project! WoW!!

Another professor also rejected projects from students ONLY because they didn’t write all the Gammas in uppercase.. WTH?!?!

I feel it’s really necessary to say to both of them: “GET A LIFE GODDAMN IT!!”

And I can’t help but to wonder; is this really a course for “Advanced Mathematics”???? Or is it a course for dumb people to get dumber?

And you guys say math isn’t fun!!!!!!!

Ahhh the irony..