Aleppo, The PM Activities?!?!?

7 05 2008

Well, this is my 4th year alone in Aleppo. And I’m really starting to develop a sense of hatred to this city.

Not that it’s ugly, dirty, or just smokey most of the time. But because there’s virtually nothing to do here but go to college, return home, go to college………

It’s a boooooring loop, and no matter how hard I try to escape it, Aleppo seems to get the upper-hand. Let me try to convince you:

Traditional methods of routine-breaking:

  • Movies (Cinemas): nothing interesting in local and respectable showrooms (2 to be exact). Mostly showing silly Egyptian movies which are coming closer to the Bollywood kinda style!
  • Poetry nights: mostly boring, having nothing to do with poetry, even though the music could be good sometimes.
  • Theater: do we even have theaters here?!?!?!?
  • Social gatherings: restricted to LAN matches. My friends can’t -for some reason- find any other useful way to socialize. (pretty “social” isn’t it?!)
  • Walks: N/A, same reason as above.
  • Net-surfing: Net-Cafes won’t let you do anything more than IMing and browsing, which are basically feasible using my home dial-up connection.
  • Club activities: DEFINE:CLUB.
  • Student Club activities: DEFINE:STUDENT; ANSWER:”ROBOT”.

I really can’t figure anything else, if you have any other way to spend the afternoon, please post about it.

So, I guess I just have to shed my human skin away for the rest of college, and rely on the human machine to get me through this living hell!

Bye for now,

The happy robot from Aleppo.