Answering de Mistura’s Call

1 02 2016

A couple of days ago, the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura recorded a message to the women, men and children of Syria, ahead of the Intra-Syrian Talks at UN Geneva. And I answered his call on Facebook with the following message:

I appreciate your call Mr. Staffan, and being a Syrian citizen myself, I am more than happy to respond with my wishes for the new Syria from my point of view:
1. I want a secular Syria where all citizens are treated equally and fairly by law, where no person will be judged or tried based on their religion or beliefs.
2. I want an independent country that doesn’t become a US puppet or a NATO slave, with a firm foreign policy that works actively on getting the occupied Golan heights back from Israel (something that the UN has failed to resolve since 1967 with the security council resolution 242), and that stands side by side with the Palestinians to establish their own independent country.
3. I want a democracy that is based on merit, not on religion. Democracy that grows from the inside by the Syrians themselves, not the US-enforced model of democracy in Iraq or Libya, nor the KSA-sponsored Lebanese model that splits the government based on the country’s religious sects! So no, a Sunni president is not an acceptable solution just because they represent the major religious sect, nor is any other president chosen solely based on their religion.

And now, I will tell you why these 3 seemingly basic points will never come true, no matter how much we say “khalas” or “kefaya”:
1. How can the so-called “Syrian representatives” in Geneva agree on secularism when the opposition members were basically elected by Saudi Arabia, the notoriously religious kingdom? And where Erdogan, the self-proclaimed Ottoman emperor (in power for 13 years and counting) with a shameful record of tyranny and oppression is also the number one sponsor of some of the extremist rebel group, and actively supports them with the aid of the Turkish army?
2. How can Syria ever be independent and get back its occupied territories when the primary sponsor of the current “representatives” and negotiations is the United States (Israel’s bodyguards)? When did anything good ever come from a US sponsored solution anyway?!
3. How can we ever have a proper democracy when the so-called “revolutionists” and “moderate rebels” are fighting based on a religious agenda supported and armed by countries such as the KSA, Qatar, and Turkey? And they even have “representatives” speaking on their behalf in Geneva!

So, you see sir, we’re not the solution, and we’ll never become the solution as long as Syria is being played by a bunch of hypocrite politicians, warlords, and arm dealers who seek nothing but profit and political gains. So my suggestion for you is to turn to those people instead and tell them to quit their hypocrisy and fix their own countries before trying to fix Syria, and get their filthy hands out of it. They’re the ones fueling the war and they’re the ones with the power to end it, not us.
Best of luck in your impossible mission.
(Hint: Do as Kofi Annan did and save face before it’s too late. The UN is incapacitated beyond repair at this point)

Change Wins!

4 06 2008

I’m writing this post because right now, Barack Obama (The US Democrats
presidential candidate) is only minutes away from claiming his nomination.

The U.S. (as I can see it on CNN) is shaking over that win, claiming it to be
a moment of history. The moment when, for the first time in U.S. history, an African-American have been nominated for president.

I almost know nothing about him, or about his campaign. But, I wanted to
write this to take my part in this so called “historical day”.

For me, as a Syrian citizen, all I want from the world’s most powerful man is
to bring peace to the Middle-East region, not by force, not by war, but by politics. And we
all know that he could do that if he wanted. So, Obama is campaigning to change,
and I believe that peace in the Middle-East is exactly the change the people of
this region really need.

If this is really a day in history, then let’s all hope it would be a change
to the better of all mankind. U.S. is currently the world’s most powerful
nation, and being its president holds a great responsibility. (And let’s hope I won’t regret writing this post)

Change wins = peace wins, please!

P.S.: I’ll post again when we get to know for real who’s the next U.S.
president, and try to get a clearer image about him.