Jurassic Park Comes To Life?!

21 05 2008

It’s weird. But nevertheless it’s in the news.

According to an article by Dailytech, a group of scientists at the University of Melbourne have made a progress towards bringing an extinct species (The tasmanian tiger) back to life!

In an exciting, successful new experiment, researchers at the University of Melbourne report that they have taken DNA from the extinct thylacine, commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger, and inserted it into a mouse embryo which continued to grow with the thylacine gene in place. The process represented the first time DNA from an extinct creature was inserted into an embryo, effectively bringing “back to life” in part the extinct species.

(Read the full article here: “Jurassic Park” in The Real World? Scientists Inject Extinct Mammal DNA Into Mouse)

That’s actually VERY exciting. It’s really amazing how genetics is proving to be a vital component to the future of mankind. The ability to manipulate genes could (and hopefully would) help to cure most diseases before they even happen.

Genetics brings out a cool concept. Let’s hope it’ll be put to good use! We don’t want any “Godzillas” wandering around in the streets. Or do we?!