The Thin Red Line Between Faith, And Fiction!

11 09 2008

Before continuing with this post, I urge you to read some of the comments posted in the following page:

The Top 10 Intelligent Designs (or Creation Myths)

The interesting thing here, is the never ending battle between science and faith. This battle has been raging ever since people started talking to each other.

In my opinion, faith equals fiction. In a general, grand scope of things, it’s as simple as that. But allow me to elaborate a bit.

Mankind’s most valuable instinct is the desire to explore, to ask and look for answers. Of course, one wouldn’t be more happier to exist on planet earth. Where questions are virtually unlimited.

At the same time, mankind enjoys a more important basic instinct; the instinct of survival. Some would call it the fight or flight effect. Basically, this instinct helps us with our most desperate situations (fighting a wild bear, or maybe staring at a pistol’s barrel pointed right at your forehead), it helps us to decide whether to fight the situation, i.e. physically struggle for survival, or fly, i.e. run away from the situation as fast as one could run.

So, going back in time to pre-fire ages, mankind is faced by a natural-born fire in the woods nearby, and it’s heading right at him. This being a desperate situation, the fight or flight kicks in, and one chooses to run away from the fire.

Mankind survives the threat of fire, but now comes the other instinct: “What the hell was that?!??!”, one would ask. The fire was -at that time- unexplainable by conventional methods. And here comes the myth of the mighty God of Fire.

I know the example is a bit childish and TOO simplified to be true, but it makes a sense in one way or another. Fire represents the fictional element. Which, eventually, turned into a matter of gods and myths, the essence of faith.

A while later, fire is explained, and suddenly, the gods perished from existence. And skipping some thousands years later, here comes another mystery: “Who created the stars, the galaxy, the planets??”, and once again, gods come again to provide the simplest answer to the most sophisticated questions; “everthing around us simply exists to show off the gods’ ability to create and manipulate stuff at their comfort!” And that’s all you need to know, now get out and pray for forgiveness!

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