Change Wins!

4 06 2008

I’m writing this post because right now, Barack Obama (The US Democrats
presidential candidate) is only minutes away from claiming his nomination.

The U.S. (as I can see it on CNN) is shaking over that win, claiming it to be
a moment of history. The moment when, for the first time in U.S. history, an African-American have been nominated for president.

I almost know nothing about him, or about his campaign. But, I wanted to
write this to take my part in this so called “historical day”.

For me, as a Syrian citizen, all I want from the world’s most powerful man is
to bring peace to the Middle-East region, not by force, not by war, but by politics. And we
all know that he could do that if he wanted. So, Obama is campaigning to change,
and I believe that peace in the Middle-East is exactly the change the people of
this region really need.

If this is really a day in history, then let’s all hope it would be a change
to the better of all mankind. U.S. is currently the world’s most powerful
nation, and being its president holds a great responsibility. (And let’s hope I won’t regret writing this post)

Change wins = peace wins, please!

P.S.: I’ll post again when we get to know for real who’s the next U.S.
president, and try to get a clearer image about him.