“2 Days In Paris”, 2 Thumbs Up!

28 06 2008

One word: hilarious!

2 Days In Paris is an indie movie, a French-German co-production, written and directed by Julie Delpy. Starred by Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg.

The movie is great, really. The story is simple and short. It’s the story of a couple  staying in Paris for only 2 days before they get back to their residence in New York. One of them (Marion) is a French photographer living in New York, and the other (Jack) is an American interior designer.

I won’t get into details, you can find more details in the Wikipedia article.

But the movie is a success, it’s funny, it’s convincing. The dialog is a masterpiece, even though there are very long stretches of conversations, but you won’t get bored, simply because the acting and the script makes them look very convincing, and not like outside of this world scripts seen in most blockbuster Hollywood movies.

I don’t know what else to say, I’m not a movie critic, but I was laughing so hard for the whole duration of this film, and I loved it. Even though the story is about those 2 persons, but the movie overall shows you a glimpse of the Parisian life in general, and that’s what makes it so unique, and interesting to watch. The movie is about the lives of real French people living in a real-world, where everything is possible, they’re not heroes, none of them have perfect personalities, they’re real people with real-life goofs.

You can sense the Parisian atmosphere in the background, the movie makes a beautiful, realistic aura that captivates you from start to end. If it was to me, I’d say the main star in this film is the city of Paris, and the French way of life. And that’s why I recommend this film to everyone in love with indie movies and looking for a change..