Michael Jackson R.I.P.

26 06 2009

When I first learned of this tragic event I couldn’t believe it, I stood in shock, trying to fully understand the situation.

“He can’t be dead!”, I said to myself, “This can’t be true.”

Sadly, the news was right. I was terrified. Michael Jackson had a massive influence on me since I was a little kid, mesmerized by his dancing moves on stage, trying to imitate his Moonwalk with my friends at school. We bought almost every single album he produced, every video and concert DVDs we could find. Learned many of his songs by heart, and danced to them in celebration…

There’s so much to say about this man. Reasons why I loved him are described in an earlier post. However, I have to say, he didn’t deserve to die like this. He didn’t deserve to suffer throughout his life. He’s had a terrible childhood, producing music since the age of 11. His actions reflected those of the inner child living inside of him.

Michael Jackson was a legend on all frontiers, a wonderful artist, and an inspiring human being. His unexpected death saddens me, along with millions of fans all around the world. My sympathies to his family, friends and fellow fans.

Rest in peace Michael Jackson, your music shall live with us for generations to come. Thank you for everything you did, you’ll never be forgotten.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

R.I.P. Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009)


Top 100 DJ Vote Is Open

19 08 2008

Hey everybody,

If you’re into Electronic music, you should know that djmag.com has opened the public vote for the World’s Top100 DJ Awards. So, it’s time for you to take action and vote for your favorite DJ.

You can vote for a maximum of 5 DJs. Voters will get a free MP3 file (of your choice) and a free digital copy of DJMag.

Your vote counts, because this is an open public-only vote. So, don’t hesitate to show your love and support for your favorite DJ.

If you’re from Syria (or anywhere in the Middle East) please make sure that you state your country after you vote there. We should let them know that we DO have Electronic music fans here.

Choose your votes carefully, and may the best DJ win!

صوتٌ وإيقاع

18 08 2008

اليوم سمعت صوتاً..

صوتٌ جديد.. لم أسمعه من قبل.. صوتٌ جميل، افتقدته منذ كان الربيع ربيعاً.. ومنذ كان الإنسان إنساناً..

فجأةً، ودون إنذار، وللحظةٍ دامت عمراً كاملاً.. زالت الحدود كلها، والاستعمار والامبريالية والرأسمالية والاشتراكية والشيوعية والدمار والخراب والحروب… وبقي لحنٌ وحيد، يحلّق بحرّية في فضاء القلعة..

وتحوّل الصوت إلى لحن، واللحن إلى إيقاع ونغمات، ووجدت نفسي غارقاً في غبار كثيف..

وعندما استيقظت من نشوتي، رأيت شخصاً جديداً. ينفض ذرات الغبار من حنجرته.. ويبتسم..


شكراً زياد الرحباني..

A New Sunrise in the Horizon

7 05 2008

I’ve received Tiesto’s newsletter yesterday, and it carries good news. Tiesto is about to release a new volume of his hit mix/compilation series “In Search of Sunrise”. This time it’s labeled “Asia”.

And even though his last compilation “In Search of Sunrise 6” was a bit of a disappointment, I’m really looking forward to this new mix. I think it’s going to be different because Asia has a very unique Trance flavor. So, even in the worst cases, the tracks should be interesting enough. As if Tiesto’s mix isn’t good enough! 😉

Where’s my coffee, sunshine?!

Madonna’s Electronic Rampage!

7 05 2008

I was looking online to get her song “Hung Up”, so I decided to download the whole album instead (Confessions On A Dance Floor) over my dial-up connection.

So, it took about ~10 hours to finish. But was it worth the wait?!?! HELL YEAH!!

This album defines a whole new era for Madonna (been following her news since 1998), it’s 90% Electronic music with some rather mild vocals (which is a first, considering Madonna is classified as a Pop artist). So, it is closer to “Vocal Trance” than Pop.

I couldn’t believe my ears, the music production is just off the hook. Every track is structured in a very unique way, making the whole album so interesting that you can’t skip any of the tracks!

The “Get Together” track is fantastic, the closest to Trance in that album.

“Isaac” is a milestone. Exotic and mystic eastern touches sends shivers down my spine each and every time I listen to it. Two thumbs up!

I like it that Madonna is trying new styles of music, which ultimately is getting her even more success as a 50 years old female-singer. Way to go Madonna!

I’d highly recommend you get the “Confessions Tour” DVD, as it stretches the “Madonna Experience” even more.

So, to all the Electronic junkies, go buy that album, you won’t be disappointed. You have my word.

What About Michael Jackson?!?

23 04 2008

Michael Jackson has had a great influence in my life ever since I started listening to his songs back in the ’90s. I am truly amazed and shocked by this man. I know how most of people judge him by his looks and his trial history, but I know there’s much more humanity in this man that probably exceeds our own levels.

And when they say he’s a legend, I just know HE IS. I’d say he’s a legend because of his professionalism and dedication, his lyrics, shows, choreography, and music is just unmatched. And I’m yet to see such a great talent in any other artist on the scene today.

Also, it’s great to know about his rather unknown songs. Songs like “Smile”, “Little Suzy”, “Childhood”, and many others. Those songs are truly inspirational to every human being. Especially when you notice the special treatment Michael has given them. He’s so convincing you know the words are coming out of love from his heart, not out of the greed for money.

I’m not saying he’s the perfect man. He has done some mistakes, but then again, who doesn’t?! The very special and delicate details of his life displayed by the media are nothing – to me- more than a cheap distortion to the image of a great man, a great person, and last of all a wonderful human. Those details are his own damn business, and I don’t have to say anything about them. What matters to me, are the actions. He has a history full of donations and aid to charity organizations, and he spent lots of money into his “Heal the World” project. Actually, it’s more than satisfying to know that he has dedicated some of his greatest songs to the earth and to the people all around the world. Something that has nearly disappeared from today’s albums.

So, what about Michael Jackson?? I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON!!

In Trance We Trust!

27 03 2008

I’ve been wanting to write about Trance music since the dark ages.. Right now, I’m watching Tiesto’s “Live In Concert” DVD, and jumping all over the place!
The thing about Trance music is the similarity that it shares with the 21st century. Technology has been taking huge leaps ever since ~1995, and keeping up with all the new technologies surfacing each and every day has been a real pain in the ass, if not impossible!
So, let’s do a head-to-head comparison here:

  • Trance music uses high BPM, keeping-up with our daily rhythms.
  • Trance uses synthesizers to generate unique machine sounds! How ironic! Synthesizers are electronic by nature, and so is the PC that we use every day. BTW, PCs have gone well beyond providing a platform right now, they’re providing an alternate ENVIRONMENT. So, for all the geeks out there: fasten your seatbelt! Simply speaking: “If Assembly is considered as the machine’s language, Trance would certainly and evidently, be its music!”.
  • There’s also something about the 4-beats used in Trance music. A standard Trance “follower” would most probably follow every 4-beats in a Trance track, so we’re always expecting something new every 4-beats. Kinda like the real-life, as we’re always anticipating new technologies and new milestones that bring us all the more closer to a “Matrix-like” era..
  • Out of all other music genres, I consider Trance to be the most evolving and unique genre. Because it uses a synthesizer, the instruments and effects are virtually unlimited! Artists can generate their own, unique, combination of instruments and digital effect. The Digital World is boundless, and so is Trance.

Those were the essential points of similarity, but combining the music with a psychedelic visual experience (i.e. Lasers, lots of fast moving light beams, CGI videos, etc…) will surely immerse you in an alternate reality where the only religion is the religion of Trance. Hence the saying:

In Trance We Trust!!! Forever!!!