Embedded Advertisements..

25 06 2008

Some of you will wonder how ads have become embedded. Actually, they became embedded a long time ago, but they were not that obvious as they are now. It seems they have doubled in quantity over the last decade.

If you saw Will Smith’s latest movie “I Am Legend”, you probably know what I’m talking about.. You can see all the ‘hidden’ ads in the background of a certain scene. In other features, they have even been integrated in the script itself! Infesting whole lines, like: “- What are you drinking? – Pepsi, the best coke ever!”

The reason why producers are using this kind of ads, is the spread of DVRs, which provides the ability to use the fast-forward button in order to skip commercial breaks. So, producers are diverting to embedded ads to regain their lost profits.

Today, I read a news stating that the FCC is looking into implying new rules on producers in order to reduce the quantity of embedded ads in TV shows. Based on a complaint letter sent from various consumer groups.

The FCC is thinking about forcing producers to put clear notices about ad placements in their productions. So that everybody gets an idea of what to see or expect in a movie before he sees it. This way, viewers will have a choice. And if they don’t want to spread or even see the message of the products advertised, they can stop watching. This would specifically be helpful for families to determine what’s appropriate for their children to see in a feature (TV show, or a movie).

This move is so right, and it’s long overdue, but however, it’s good to hear that people are still fighting against companies who want to spread their message using stealth methods.

Users, or consumers, always did have the choice to watch the commercial breaks or not. So, if the commercial ads are moving to be a part of a movie or a TV show, they should also have the right to watch or not. And this is what -hopefully- will happen soon.

Read the news here: FCC to look into advertising in TV programs