Gaza, A Call for Media Support

9 01 2009

Watching the news day and night has been the flagship activity of the Syrian people for the last 2 weeks. Even though there’s a certain atmosphere of disappointment, everybody knows there’s nothing they can do to make the situation any better (they can’t fight, and humanitarian aids are not getting anywhere near Gazza thanks to the Egyptian president’s utterly stupid philosophy).

And even though I’m hating the current media more and more each day, mainly because I was never pleased by watching real-time transmissions of missiles falling over people’s heads, I’m a bit glad at the same time. Because IT IS crucial -at this point in history- to use every form of media to spread the word (the true words I hope) about the Israeli massacre happening right now in Gazza.

AlJazeera is doing a great job I think, covering the events minute by minute. But even more important than that is the worldwide medias and TV channels. I gotta say, the American TV networks (according to the news broadcasts on MBC4) are doing a nicer job than that of the Iraqi war. Leaning more towards realistic facts, and a bit more unbiased than they used to be, but still, disappointingly very very far from neutrality.

Apart from TV channels, there’s also an internet war going on too. One that is fought in social networking sites & services, blogs, and video sharing services. Well, that’s a media that we can contribute to. So instead of standing still, we’re able to fight back this time, by spreading the real facts and news about this horrible war, we’ll be able to increase awareness among those blinded by their biased media networks. Which will, in turn, help boost the global pressure on Israel to stop the war immediately.

So, those of you reading this, if you have any kind of presence on the internet (i.e. Blog, Facebook, Hi5, Twitter accounts, etc…), please start pointing your readers and followers to the right direction, by providing links and references to websites and news agencies that are trying to tell the bare truth of this war. A good starting point is the links found in this blog post: Gaza and New Media Resistance.

The death toll, at the time of writing, was: 763 palestinian casualties, over 300 of them are children. It’s by far the most disgusting war I have ever seen. Let’s hope it will be the last one.