Spread The Word

17 05 2008

But what kind of word??

I’m writing this after watching 5 mins. of the Syrian private satellite channel (Cham TV). It’s obviously spreading a word. But not the right word IMHO.

We are living in a world where the single, most important factor in cultural supremacy is SCIENCE. And, because we’re actually well behind the other part of the world in science and technology, I’d say the right word to spread is science, not religion.

If we really want to compete with other countries, we need to encourage every man, woman, and child to learn and love science. This doesn’t mean that we should forget about religion, but I have yet to see any mention of science in our local TV channels, and that’s bad. If we intend to close the technological gap separating us from the rest of the world, we have got to start moving NOW, not tomorrow, not later, but NOW. And TV would be a very good starting point.

So, everybody, spread the word, the word of science. For a better future for all of us.