Hats Off To The Syrian Railroads!

21 06 2008

They made it! The train connecting Damascus and Aleppo is now taking a little more than 4 hours! And it’s a great achievment..

I’ve been on trips that took up to 6 hours on the old set of trains. And even when the new train-set came it also took up to 5 hours.. But today they have proven to be right on track to become a real competitor in the passenger transoprtation business here in Syria.

I really appreciate all the work they made to make this possible. And I really hope they could even make that trip shorter.

So, today I made a trip from Damascus to Aleppo, and I enjoyed it. Therefore I had to mention it here as a sign of appreciation and a plea to the government to keep on improving all means of public transportation.

Here’s the link to the Syrian Railways’ official website: http://www.cfssyria.org/